Friday, February 25, 2011


They are like cupcakes, just uglier!

Sorry, my friend has a shirt that says that with a picture of a happy cupcake and a sad muffin. In actuality, I love muffins. The other day I was really craving those large muffins you can get at Costco (which verge on the border of muffin and cupcake) so I decided to try and make some, since I couldn't exactly go to Costco and buy some (they really should make Gluten free versions).

So I made a chocolate with chocolate chip and lemon poppy seed muffins. Both weren't as sweet as the ones from Costco (which for me was a good thing) but I don't think I added enough lemon to the lemon poppy seed ones.

Either way they were really good and looked really good, and I'm kind of sad they are all gone now. I tried to bring as many as I could back to my apartment from my parents house (they have the muffin pans) but I had to leave a few behind which I know my parents ate because my dad sent me a text saying he really liked the chocolate muffin (I only left them chocolate muffins).

I have decided to try and get back to my Tim Burton cookbook since I was looking at the list and saw that I only had a few things left to make (and re-make). And I will get more pictures and Geek Cookbook recipes up, eventually. Hopefully soon, but I do not have internet at my apartment so I can't update as much as I like. And honestly I should be studying for my Disease! midterm....oh well.