Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Disneyland Mickey Shaped Beignets

In Disneyland at the Mint Julep Bar ( and if it's you birthday at Cafe Orleans you can get Mickey-shaped beignets.

Beignets are from New Orleans and are pretty much doughnuts but so much better. They are covered in powdered sugar and the Disneyland ones are shaped like Mickey.

In the cookbook Disney Desserts:

They have the recipe for the Disneyland beignets but I ran into some problems when I tried to make it. I'm allergic to wheat and soy and I tried using an oat and rice flour combination to replace the wheat flour that the recipe called for but something happened and I think I figured out what it was. It wasn't making it gluten free, I think it was the lack of equipment. I didn't have a mixing machine so I had to change some techniques in my procedure and that seemed to cause some problems.

When I tried to deep fry the beignets they just fell apart, so I popped them in the oven and baked them. They came out as a cross between a cookie and a biscuit and worked great with a cup of tea, or to make co-cast members jealous at work, but I still enjoyed them even though they weren't exactly how I wanted them to be.


P.S. Probably going to stick with my Tiana's cookbook version for beignets.