Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween and Ike's

I know it's November but alas I still attended one last Halloween party while we were still in the spirits. My close friend had a little Halloween party at her house and I couldn't help but make something. I saw Alton Brown's new Halloween episode of Good Eats and he made candied apples and I decided to make them for the party. They turned out pretty good (although I had never had a candied apple before) only every time I would try to take a bite and my nose would get sticky.

So today, while looking for a place to live, my mum, brother, and I went to Ike's Place and got sandwiches. The good thing about this place is they have a lot of vegan choices which includes gluten free bread. And they are really good, don't just take my word for it, you can see by the long line of people outside.

This is what we got:
My mum- Eli Manning on sourdough bread
My brother- The Joker on sourdough bread
Me- Tony Soprano on gluten free bread

Warning: these sandwiches will fill you up like crazy.

How did we know about it? Man vs. Food

More recipes posted soon and I will post my holiday food...once I make it.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November: The Month of Food

In case you were wondering, we had butternut squash risotto:

Made by me.

So this year for Halloween it seemed like it was canceled or something. No one decorated, and we had a total of three groups come by our house and trick or treat. It was depressing. But I still had my Halloween fun in the form of Disneyland.

My cousin, my mum, and I went to Mickey's Halloween Party. I was the Red Queen and my cousin was a dinosaur. It was pretty awesome, and a lot of fun. The next day we were in Disneyland and spent time there. We came home on Halloween and everywhere it didn't seem like Halloween was happening.

I still had my Halloween spirit by decorating our house to look like Fleet Street. It was pretty cool I had a display of meat pies (made out of tissue paper) in our front window and a cut out of Sweeney Todd in the upstairs window with blood splatters on the window.

Sadly I have not done much cooking but if you get a chance check out Alton Brown's Halloween episode for this year, it was pretty hilarious and cool.

I will be cooking again soon, though since it is November and that means food and lots of it.