Friday, June 3, 2011

He He

Well it has certainly been awhile, but I have not been totally lacking in my cooking/baking/decorating ways.

First here's a cake I made:

It was my Grandpa's 70th birthday so I made him a sushi cake!

The cake is the yellow base (which to me kind of looks like cheese). I tried to make it look like a bamboo serving dish but ran out of time to really paint it.

But I know the sushi look great because my uncle though they were some of those plastic sushi that pretty much everyone in my family has around their house. I was very rushed in making this but I did everything I wanted to do for the most part.

The sushi is made out of fondant and rice krispie treats, and the ikura sushi, the ikura is made out of coloured white chocolate.

Fair warning: It was very sweet. We didn't finish most of it so my mum brought the leftovers into work the next day. That's how you get rid of dessert you don't want: give it to your hungry co-workers (or your mum's hungry co-workers).

And now for some other exciting news.

I got a summer internship at a bakery!

That's right, from 4:30 in the morning to eight I work on decorating individual desserts for the display case, then from eight to noon I decorate or assemble cakes. I just finished my first week and so far I've assembled eight different cakes and decorated an Indiana Jones 6th birthday cake and a Baby Shower (It's a Girl) cake. Let's see what is in store for next week.

And coming up!: My mum is graduating with her MBA so I get to make her graduation cake.

I will, of course, post pictures once I am done.

That's really all for now. I had been busy with school finishing up and what not so all time went to studying.