Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Holiday Recipe

Thought I'd share a very easy holiday recipe that I have grown up on.

Holiday Apple Cider

Apple Juice
Oranges (depends on how much apple juice. About 2 oranges for a gallon).
Whole Cloves

1. Puncture oranges with the whole cloves. 10-15 cloves per orange.
2. Pour apple juice into a large pot and add oranges.
3. Put on simmer for an hour so the orange/clove flavour gets incorporated into the apple juice.
4. Serve warm.

No pictures, sorry, but try it, it's easy and tastes really good.

My Birthday

So my birthday just passed, about a week ago or so and I made a bunch of food for my party (which kind of was a flop since only one person showed up. But I still had fun!).

So here are the things I made for the party:

Mint macaroons with a cream cheese filling. In case you didn't know, macaroons (the classic French kind) should be gluten and soy free because they are made with almond flour (which sadly is crazy expensive, but it was so worth it).

Peppermint candies. I took Alton Brown's candy corn recipe and instead of vanilla extract, used peppermint extract and coloured half of it pink and left the other white and put them together and rolled them into balls. Pretty tasty.

Peppermint bark. My mum kept going on about how we should make some. I kept seeing some on covers of food magazines and the peppermint bark at Williams Sonoma and finally decided to make some. And now I am down to my last piece which I will be eating for breakfast/lunch/brunch.

This picture is pretty bad but in the background you can see my macaroons but the things I was trying to point out is my cream puffs. For some reason my gluten free cream puffs are always really liquidy (yes that is a technical term) so I pour the batter into muffin pans. I always spray it down so it wouldn't stick, but it still does anyway. Oh well.

I filled them with whipped cream and topped them off with some of those Mickey Mouse sprinkles.

Now to plug a few TV shows. On the science channel there is a show called Blais Off. It is hosted by one of my favourite chefs ever, Richard Blais, and he takes classic American food and adds a molecular gastronomy twist to it. If you don't know who Richard Blais is turn into this show or watch the current season of Top Chef (all stars). He is on both, and he is amazing.

Another show, isn't a food show, but it does have the Iron Chef America Chairman on it. The new Hawaii Five-O. My mum watched it when she was young and now that they brought it back all new a re-vamped she watched it again and eventually I got hooked as well. Last Monday, at the end of the episode, guess who shows up. The Chairman. It was weird and hilarious. It has nothing to do with food but it was pretty cool.

My mum has begun the big baking frenzy she does almost every year. She has already made sugar cookies, not gluten free so I can't have any, which is kind of evil. But I have made a lot of gingerbread cookie dough. Last year I tried to make the lamp post from Narnia out of gingerbread but the gingerbread recipe sucked, but this year it has turned out great and once I assemble the lamp post I will post a picture.

To leave you I shall show you something I made three years ago for my AP European History teacher:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November Sum Up

Yes, this is delayed, I've become quite busy recently with living situations and finals.

I have one more final tomorrow but I decided to update right now.

So November, I made a lot of food. Here it is:

Rice Krispie treats covered in chocolate. Topped off with Mickey Mouse sprinkles (from Disneyland).

Oatmeal cookies, made with oat flour. Glazed with an apple powdered sugar glaze.

Fish 'n chips. Chips baked in oven with paprika. Fish dipped in eggs whites and covered in crushed rice krispies and oven baked. Relish is pickles and plain Greek yogurt. Healthy.

Pumpkin pie. A whole foods just opened up by my house and Whole Foods has a lot more gluten free things than the other store I use to go to. Now they have gluten free pie crust. I have my own recipe for gluten free pie crust, but it's nice to be lazy. Also my mum was demanding (literally) pumpkin pie.

Oh yeah, that's candy corn. I made it. Anyone watch Good Eats? The new Halloween episode. Yeah, I had to make some.

And a picture from my Thanksgiving. Last year there was only 5 people, then my brother left for work and we watched Star Trek. This year we had 15 1/2 people (my cousin Julian is only 23 months old, but he does eat like a full person). This is a picture of my dad and my uncle Jared staring at the turkey which was a little dry.

I will be posting again soon for what I made for my birthday.