The Beginning

At the beginning of summer 2010 I was suddenly inspired to make cupcakes. I didn't want to make just any ordinary type of cupcakes that you could find in a store, though, I wanted them to be special. This was the same summer that Toy Story 3 came out, and with that I had sudden inspiration.

One afternoon I sat down and wrote out a list of twenty different cupcakes all inspired by Pixar movies.

The Cake

Since I was fourteen I have been gluten free due to allergies; when I was seventeen I found out I was allergic to soy as well. During that time I had been making many cakes (check out my cake page to see) and when I found out I was allergic I decided instead of just giving up cake, I had to just change it up a bit. I found ways to use flours other then wheat to make an amazing cake both in taste and texture. The flour I prefer to use is rice flour (either white or brown) in my cakes, and those are in these cupcakes.

The Inspiration

I have grown up on Pixar movies since Toy Story first came out. I even got to go off to college the same year Andy did, that's how close with Pixar I am. I love all the movies and each one had something I was able to take to make into a cupcake. They were the prefect form of inspiration because everyone of all ages can enjoy their films, just how everyone of all ages can enjoy cupcakes.

But in no way am I associated with Pixar other then I am just a fan. A big fan, but just a fan.

The Bear

Lotso Hugging Bear was a character from Toy Story 3 who was the head honcho at Sunnyside Day Care. I will not give away the story line, but I will tell you that he smells like strawberries. I saw this as a perfect foundation for a cupcake blog's name. Plus I have lots of cupcakes.

The Dilemma

As much as I would love to sell my cupcakes online and all that stuff, I cannot because I do not have an oven. My small on-campus apartment does not come with one. But that won't stop me from going back to my parents' house to use theirs. However, this still will not allow me to sell my cupcakes, because I can only go home on weekends, and even then it is a hassle. Sorry.