Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Season Ever

This is my favourite season. Why? Pumpkins. I love pumpkins. My favourite ice cream is pumpkin, my favourite pie is pumpkin, see the trend?

And I've already started baking in the spirit of the fall season (or pumpkin season).

These start the festive food. My mummy bought me a doughnut maker off of, and I've been having fun coming up with awesome doughnuts. These are my pumpkin doughnuts with marshmellow filling (in the hole) dipped in chocolate and topped off with walnuts. They were pretty good but the chocolate I used was weird so it made it odd. Next time I will but a dark chocolate that is semi-sweet.

These are cupcakes I made for a choir retreat. They all loved them. They are apple cupcakes with a caramel frosting topped with a little sprinkling of salt. The only thing would change about them is maybe add some cinnamon to the batter.

Speaking of choir retreat, I was the chef on the trip. I was in charged of the food so I made a vegetarian jambalaya (we have three vegetarians, one person allergic to fish, two people [including me] allergic to soy, and then me also allergic to wheat). Jambalaya was very simple and I got to serve it lunch lady style. They handed me their plates and I dumped the food on with a big spoon, but it was good food. For breakfast I wasn't really in charge but I helped prepare it and I made the scrambled eggs, and sausage, and cut the cantaloupe. I got a good job on cutting the cantaloupe. For lunch we had a tomato, onion, and mozzarella salad and personalized paninis. It all was good and people liked it all.

I've been coming home a lot recently and every time I'm home I make dinner. I've made pumpkin gnocchi, nachos, curry and rice, and right now my mum and I are trying to decide what to make for dinner. We want something warm since it's raining, which reminds me, I need to get an umbrella. I have rain boots and everything, just no umbrella. Odd, I need to get one very soon.

More food underway. We might make cookies today too! My mum calls them magic cookies... yeah I laughed too. I don't know what makes the so magical, but I will find out.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Brit. Beans

This is more of an entry for food allergies rather than cupcakes, but a cupcake update will be next!

So in my local (when I'm at my parent's house) supermarket they have a small section in the ethnic food aisle of British foods. Most of them are filled with wheat but there are a few things that I can eat and love to eat.

Heinz Beans are my favourite snack or even lunch. You just heat them up and you get protein and low calories at the same time. Sadly, I am in mourning for these beans because they no longer supply them at the super market. They were great little white beans in a tomato sauce and you could anything to it as well. Plus they are soy and wheat free.

There is a British food store about twenty minutes away from my parents house but I don't know exactly where it is but I now have to go there for my dose of Heinz Beans or what I call 'My Brit beans'.

And now I wish I still had my can of beans back that I ate my third week here at college. The last can I got from our store.

Good bye sweet Brit Beans, when we shall meet again, I know not.


P.s. If you are vegetarian you should eat lot of beans. In Florence they are known as the poor man's meat because of how much protein is packed into them.