Friday, June 1, 2012

Brave Cupcake

Part of my Pixar Cupcakes that I've been doing. Usually I watch the movie than make the cupcake but lately here at Disneyland Brave is all a buzz so I just decided to make the cupcake now.

It is a blood orange cupcake with a mixed berry jam filling and a coloured buttercream frosting that has a hint of cayenne pepper in it. It turned out really good and I shall not reveal how many I ate.

I will admit I ran out of food colouring so the frosting isn't as dark of an orange that I wanted it to be so my brother kindly pointed out to me that it looks like a mac 'n cheese cupcake but that's his opinion. I will agree that it does sot of look like that, but it still tasted great and had the bit of fiery heat because I think out of all the red-heads in Disney history, Merida might have the most fire.

And I did go and meet her at Disneyland and she was pretty cool and I'm sure if I brought her some of these cupcakes that the three sneaky bear cubs would have taken them.


P.S. Movie comes out June 22nd, and I can't wait!
Also I've been working on her costume for myself and one for my friend as well. Should be finished soon, than I have to work on the wig.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Disneyland Mickey Shaped Beignets

In Disneyland at the Mint Julep Bar ( and if it's you birthday at Cafe Orleans you can get Mickey-shaped beignets.

Beignets are from New Orleans and are pretty much doughnuts but so much better. They are covered in powdered sugar and the Disneyland ones are shaped like Mickey.

In the cookbook Disney Desserts:

They have the recipe for the Disneyland beignets but I ran into some problems when I tried to make it. I'm allergic to wheat and soy and I tried using an oat and rice flour combination to replace the wheat flour that the recipe called for but something happened and I think I figured out what it was. It wasn't making it gluten free, I think it was the lack of equipment. I didn't have a mixing machine so I had to change some techniques in my procedure and that seemed to cause some problems.

When I tried to deep fry the beignets they just fell apart, so I popped them in the oven and baked them. They came out as a cross between a cookie and a biscuit and worked great with a cup of tea, or to make co-cast members jealous at work, but I still enjoyed them even though they weren't exactly how I wanted them to be.


P.S. Probably going to stick with my Tiana's cookbook version for beignets.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Belated Pi day!

This has been a busy week for me so I haven't had time to post much.

Every year I celebrate Pi day which is March 14th, and this year it was on Wednesday, which I had class then work and it was crazy that day. But I did made a pie the day before and I did have a piece on pie day.

I made my typical lemon meringue pie, just so I can draw the pi symbol in the meringue.

And because I was working at Disneyland this Pi day, so I would always remember that, I drew a little Mickey as well. I did have some problems here and there but that was just because of lack of tools. I don't have a zester so I had to peel and dice the lemon peel, and I had to hand whip the egg whites (good yet painful work out).

There is a gluten free crust (which honestly I eyeballed and kind of threw together but it worked), and focused on the filling. I used Alton Brown's recipe (available on and it came out great and delicious and has been gone for a while since I have roommates who like to help me eat my baked goods.

More cupcakes will be coming soon. In the meantime here are some costumes of mine from Wondercon that I made:
Eve from WallE.

Young Ellie from Up.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Minnie Mouse Cupcake

My just finished Minnie Mouse cupcake!

Honestly, I am not happy with how it turned out. Everything was just too....squishy and not in a cute Dori from Finding Nemo way, in an annoying way.

Nothing really was working for me tonight except my pudding and the cake itself, but here is what it is: a chocolate (suppose to be red velvet) cupcake, French Vanilla pudding filling, and a cream cheese frosting with a red glaze and black glaze writing.

I did have an idea of doing a chocolate cupcake with a whipped cream filling and a chocolate ganache frosting and a red and white polka dot bow, so I might so that one instead, but right now this is my Minni mouse cupcake.


P.S. It does taste amazing though, the flavour is for sure all there.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Goofy Cupcake

This is the first of my Fabulous Five cupcakes. I started with Goofy because the items at had at my apartment worked for Goofy.

This is a nutmeg cupcake with chunks of apple and a orange coloured buttercream frosting. The hat is made of gum paste and the lettering is done in icing.

The next one is probably going to be Pluto.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fab Five Cupcakes

So yesterday my roommates and I went to Company D (discount cast member store full of cheap Disneyland merchandise) and in the pin area I saw a pin package of cupcake pins decorated like the fabulous five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto). I didn't get them but they did give me an idea.

I know they won't be pixar, but I need something to make before Carsland opens up (I decided I will make cupcakes for that) so I'm going to make fabulous five cupcakes.

My roommates shall love me.

I don't have a picture of the pins but here look at my new hat:

And now a cake:


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Disney Magic

As of today I am now living by Disneyland and will be working there.

For my roommates and because I had left over cake batter I made these:

The left over cake batter was lemon and the filing was left over pastry cream. I then dipped them in dark chocolate and attached the dark chocolate ears.

I haven't tried them yet but they sure do look darn tasty.

If you want to see the cake I made in which I had left over cake batter from for these Mickey Ear hat cakes look for '2012- Wine Barrel 50th birthday cake' under my cakes page.

I hope to continue to bake while I'm here, we have a very nice kitchen and I know that I will be making pancakes this week sometime.

I will be here for the opening of Cars Land in California Adventure Park so I might do a special Pixar cupcake for that.