Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Update

As one might have noticed, due to my lack of updating, things have been very busy/hectic these last couple of months.

I did successfully complete my internship at the bakery, decorating many cakes and learning many new techniques in how to decorate cakes.

School is almost finished for me for the semester, I am coming up to my last week now. After which I will be going to Disneyland and working there from January to August. I will continue to decorate cakes (I have one scheduled for January 7th) and create Pixar Cupcakes (the next of which being Brave).

I will be doing some editing/updating of this particular blog but not much will change. In the meantime you can check out my other blog called Disney Eats. Still Disney and food related, I will posting about different restaurants/snacks/foods available at Disneyland and around it.

That is all for now, updates shall be coming soon.