Sunday, January 8, 2012

Disney Magic

As of today I am now living by Disneyland and will be working there.

For my roommates and because I had left over cake batter I made these:

The left over cake batter was lemon and the filing was left over pastry cream. I then dipped them in dark chocolate and attached the dark chocolate ears.

I haven't tried them yet but they sure do look darn tasty.

If you want to see the cake I made in which I had left over cake batter from for these Mickey Ear hat cakes look for '2012- Wine Barrel 50th birthday cake' under my cakes page.

I hope to continue to bake while I'm here, we have a very nice kitchen and I know that I will be making pancakes this week sometime.

I will be here for the opening of Cars Land in California Adventure Park so I might do a special Pixar cupcake for that.


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