Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Belated Pi day!

This has been a busy week for me so I haven't had time to post much.

Every year I celebrate Pi day which is March 14th, and this year it was on Wednesday, which I had class then work and it was crazy that day. But I did made a pie the day before and I did have a piece on pie day.

I made my typical lemon meringue pie, just so I can draw the pi symbol in the meringue.

And because I was working at Disneyland this Pi day, so I would always remember that, I drew a little Mickey as well. I did have some problems here and there but that was just because of lack of tools. I don't have a zester so I had to peel and dice the lemon peel, and I had to hand whip the egg whites (good yet painful work out).

There is a gluten free crust (which honestly I eyeballed and kind of threw together but it worked), and focused on the filling. I used Alton Brown's recipe (available on and it came out great and delicious and has been gone for a while since I have roommates who like to help me eat my baked goods.

More cupcakes will be coming soon. In the meantime here are some costumes of mine from Wondercon that I made:
Eve from WallE.

Young Ellie from Up.


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