Friday, June 1, 2012

Brave Cupcake

Part of my Pixar Cupcakes that I've been doing. Usually I watch the movie than make the cupcake but lately here at Disneyland Brave is all a buzz so I just decided to make the cupcake now.

It is a blood orange cupcake with a mixed berry jam filling and a coloured buttercream frosting that has a hint of cayenne pepper in it. It turned out really good and I shall not reveal how many I ate.

I will admit I ran out of food colouring so the frosting isn't as dark of an orange that I wanted it to be so my brother kindly pointed out to me that it looks like a mac 'n cheese cupcake but that's his opinion. I will agree that it does sot of look like that, but it still tasted great and had the bit of fiery heat because I think out of all the red-heads in Disney history, Merida might have the most fire.

And I did go and meet her at Disneyland and she was pretty cool and I'm sure if I brought her some of these cupcakes that the three sneaky bear cubs would have taken them.


P.S. Movie comes out June 22nd, and I can't wait!
Also I've been working on her costume for myself and one for my friend as well. Should be finished soon, than I have to work on the wig.

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